Have You Read Black Beauty? Here’s My Black Beauty Book Report | LEMONERDY VLOG EP7 S1

everybody today I’m going to be doing my oak apart as promised for black beauty a few quick notes about this book is that it is way shorter than Christie which is the last book that I did my book report on which is this thick and this long it took a while but black beauty it was short and I loved it black beauty was very interesting it was engaging and it kept me wanting to go back and read it every single day they didn’t take me long to read it because basically black beauty was also really really funny because he was throwing shade at all of his men owners so let’s get into what this book is about black beauty was basically an autobiography of a horse’s journey promoted to owner black beauty was a good horse because his mother was famous and well-known and he had good breeding she always told him to do his best and be calm and the main character in the book was black beauty black beauty was black with one white star in his forehead everything was black except for one white but he never reared up or bit his handlers even the coolest ones Black Beauty had a bunch of other names when he went from handler to handler black beauty Jack and other names I forgot black beauty was a handsome stallion and his mother and father were famous horse over time he was worn down by his owners and every time they went to the auction he went in a lower class from the high-class and well-bred horses to the medium ones to the old and used horses broken legs each owner he had Black Beauty had to face a challenge it could be running to get medicine to save his mistress or it could be pushing through when he was being jarred iets drunk man or chasing a runaway horse with a rider holding on for dear life there were lots of exciting adventures in the book the moral of that view was to always be kind and do your best no matter how mean people are to you so my favorite quote in Black Beauty was by black babies now I hope you will grow up gentle and good and never learn bad ways do your work with a good will lift up your feet when you trot and never bite or kick even in play I had never forgotten my mother’s advice I knew she was a wild horse and our master I thought a great deal of her I like that quote because it applies to people as well you don’t bite people kick people scratch people even if you’re just playing and it is good to be gentle and kind there really was no specific climax but every time but we faced the challenge he had to save his owners that was when it got really exciting I would definitely recommend this book to all kids whether you like horses or not it’s a really good book I think anyone eaten up can read it next I will be reading tangerine by Edwin rule please like subscribe comment if you want because I’ll be back with more videos bye [Music] [Music]