In order to find an understanding of how internet casino games have been played all one have to do would be look at how they’re conducted.

The Way to Find the Very Best Online Casino Sport

In order to find an understanding of how internet casino games have been played all one have to do would be look at how they’re conducted.

Online casinos united kingdom, or internet casinos to get short, present lots of gambling strategies that will assist the gamer pick which matches to perform with, how often days to engage in and so on.

Several of the online casinos while in the UK comprise the popular Jacks Vs. Gambling as well as also the a whole lot more complicated Online Roulette. All of these are games that people love playing no matter their age, gender or any other standard that might keep them from having the ability to play with such game titles. They truly are very enjoyable to play and provide amusement at an identical period, and so they are played with by individuals of all ages.

The best Online Casinos for Online Poker and Online Casino UK to Engage in Internet Poker. All the matches online are currently for sale in a online version and these comprise the immensely popular poker games in addition to the harder roulette games. All this is retrieved from any site, while it is out of a computer in your home, or even while on the go, on a business trip and sometimes on holiday.

You will find a number of internet casino UK sites which extend a variety of distinct types of gambling games like slots, bingoblackjack, online casino, roulette along with others. You can select the sort of on-line casino you’d like to play with on and after that register to play at any of these websites. Then you may have accessibility to quite a few unique games and also within this manner in which the action might be tailored to suit your needs.

The best Online Casino for the UK to Play includes every one of the important casino games that are played within the usa. Some of their most popular ones include things like texas hold em, Keno, Roulette, Video Poker and lots of others. Besides all these you can find certainly a variety of smaller sized games that are available like Caribbean Poker, Slots and Slither.

Online gambling is wholly valid in many of the states in the usa and also in a number of the European nations. In reality it is regarded as being a legitimate way to make money from your home. Some of those who choose to gamble online within this fashion are drawn to the method because they believe it is an excellent way to spend some amount of time in leisure, notably at between function commitments, because it allows them to spend some time together with family members and friends too. It can likewise be played to improve somebody’s own abilities.

It could be tempting to consider that these games are addictive, but this isn’t the circumstance. Lots of people have been able to create online gaming addiction without having any problems. They start using a small quantity and in the course of time raise their bankroll until they have built a considerable quantity of finances. More than a few of those make use of the extra cash for a true purpose such like traveling purchasing tickets for sporting occasions, getting gifts for family members and therefore forth.

The net has produced the full procedure of actively playing these games super straightforward. One can readily find some amazing bonuses that’ll help them in playing the ideal internet casino game so many more offering real cash prizes to players. For instance, in a UK website an additional benefit of ten pounds is generally provided for the winner of a match.

There are likewise an assortment of UK online casinos offering bonuses when you register up. There are actually several bonuses that are readily available to people who play over a certain amount of time. In addition, there are bonuses that are only available to people who deposit a specific sum of money into their account and there are bonuses that are available to people who play to get a definite period of time.

Internet casino internet sites are extremely popular because that they usually do not call for a huge deposit of cash to engage in . This means that gamers can conserve a great deal of dollars if they are playing since the site earning money from your winnings of different players. In addition to thisparticular, whenever a new player is unable to finish a specific game afterward they can always close the session out.

A whole great deal of people select the UK as a place to reside. You will find a number of factors for this, one of which include the minimal price of living and also the availability of various tasks, educational possibilities and therefore on. It follows there really are a vast variety of choices to uk online casino select from when determining where you should live while in the United Kingdom.


hey guys welcome to my channel today we are in Harvard and we’re going to talk about universities that accept international students without any exams so if you are an international student who wants to study in America please continue watching this video back to San Francisco [Music] [Music] typical lunch and horrid business called sushi chicken fingers coffee and some small salad $23 hey let me start by explaining the tears of American universities and colleges in America there are more than 4,500 universities and colleges great choice dear one I will talk about top universities like Harvard in order to get here where I’m sitting this is Harvard Business School you have to pass to men you have to pass TOEFL and the acceptance rate is around 10% if you want to do your bachelor’s in Harvard the acceptance rate is around 6% and you have to take SAT SAT subjects TOEFL so there are a lot of exams and if we’re talking about top universities like Harvard Stanford or MIT you just have to take those exams there is no program that would allow you to surpass the exams so for these top universities yes you have to take all of the exams tier two these are universities that are really good they are top 30 to 50 but they have specific programs for international students that allow you to come to the University study there you can study English you can study some subjects and then you don’t have to take the exams in order to continue to our education and these are the programs and the universities I’m gonna talk about more in this video Tier three mostly community colleges are really low in ranking the majority of them wouldn’t even require you to take to fall but they as I mentioned really low in rankings really sheep and sometimes you even get a visa to study there because the immigration officer might ask you oh why have you decided to travel all the way to America just to get education this weird College because there are so many good universities in your country so I would always tell my students that if you have a great university in your country and you have an opportunity to study there do you imagine us there and then do a master’s in a good university in the United States I’m Morty here in this building and I just remember my time at the University back in st. Petersburg when I had to do some assignments in the university we didn’t have place to sit down like this wouldn’t have it I had to go to cafeteria or if it was closed I had to just work on the window I know the cafeteria was closed I just had to work somewhere on the window like set up everything and write my assignments we didn’t have some like this like this amazing room with fast internet really quiet and really comfortable [Music] let me tell you a little more about the pathway programs so we talked about three types of universities I’m gonna talk about tier two so those universities that aren’t good but that also have phosphate programs on their campuses what is the program about so you are an international student you probably have problems with English not like huge problems but your English is not enough to pass TOEFL to take your GMAT etc so you come on campus where you will study so you’re thinking maybe I should do masters in northeastern and you come to Northeastern University you spend a year there and you study on campus you do English language classes and you adapt yourself to American system what’s really different is that for example when I came to Germany to study that was like completely different from what I’ve done in my university because we had this it was it was a seminar and we only had two lectures in six months but the rest of the time I had to prepare my own project in America it’s called assignment they give you an assignment you do research and you present it in front of the group if you haven’t done something like that in your country facet program is extremely useful so you do English into some subjects and you learn how American education works and you are already on campus so once you finish the program you have your summer break whatever and then you start as a full-time student on that exciting University this is the easiest transition that you can think of and yes you don’t have to take any exams your only task is not to fail that program language chip has been on the market since 2015 and I’ve done study abroad since 2011 and I only had one student who fail the program like this is the program especially designed for international students so once you complete it no exams and you’re a full-time student in an American University now I’m gonna talk a little more about top four universities that have this program for international students the first University I’m gonna talk about in this be is called Northeastern University and I just checked on google mess it’s actually a 16 minutes drive from where I am right now in Harvard it’s located in Boston but I thought maybe was just stay in Harvard because that’s number one University but northeastern is top 40 universities in the United States when I look at universities I look at a particular parameter that measures the amount of students who find jobs within six months after graduation so northeastern this parameter is 92% 92% of students find jobs when they graduate from Northeastern and top employers include Bank of America I be M Dell Microsoft Google US Department of State so there are top-tier employers and computer science is really really strong in Northeastern University so pay attention to that parameter and also pay attention to price so for example northeastern pathway program they have been running it for more than twenty years which proves that the program works the price varies so the minimum price is around $14,000 and the program lasts for months and the maximum is $32,000 and the private program lasts why this difference because you come to the university with a different level of English and the higher level is the shorter the program is but yes this is on campus this is a seamless transfer to the program that you’ve chosen in Northeastern so basically this is the pathway by the way if you have any questions about the programs I’m going to leave a link below for a free consultation please feel free to reach out to my managers they’re gonna help you explain everything and answer your questions the next University I’m gonna talk about is faise University and as you know I do some private consultations and the most popular request is that somebody wants to study either in Los Angeles or New York so base university is located downtown Manhattan when I was in New York who was staying downtown and Pace University was next to my hotel so if you are in New York what does that mean Wall Street is ten minute walk from the University that means if you’re interested in finance you’re gonna be connected with top companies fashion makeup industry it’s all in New York top tech companies have their offices like Google what’s particular about Pace University first they provide at least 9,000 internships for their students which means that you study and you work for a big company this means you have an extra line in your resume you have extra experience and you can make some extra money don’t forget that if you’re an international student in America you can work up to 20 hours a week on campus or you can do an internship in another company if that’s approved by your department by three programs in base University last from four months to 12 months and the prices range from $11,000 to $36,000 and what’s really important about bathra programs for you to understand is that when you have a lot of questions like how do I make my resume to submit to a potential employer how do I open a bank account how do I transfer how do I change University you have a dedicated academic advisor who’s gonna help you with that it’s gonna help you adapt to the American system I came to a library and I feel this huge urge to study I just see all the books and I just want to sit there with a cup of tea take a book and fry things down this this atmosphere just makes you want to study this is greater the next University I’m going to talk about in this video it’s called a University of South Florida I actually looked at it when I was a choosing University for my MBA in my Master’s guess where it’s located he hurts in Florida is located in South Florida which means no winter no snow but this is not the most important thing about the university it has stopped 65 universities according to the times and the rankings that you should pay attention to I’m sorry I’m just whispering because this is a really silent room and everybody’s reading to enjoy something and I’m the logging it’s not like the most people friendly thing to do but rankings that you should pay attention to Financial Times they don’t all come all kinds of ratings like Higher Education MBA my favorite friend Frankie my favorite ranking is US News com they also do a lot of different rankings this university is also top 11 by the number of issued patents and it’s also really good and almost everything they have good architecture finance economics management music even religion by the way if you’re a sportsman there a lot of Olympic champions studying in the University of South Florida because they do a lot of scholarships so you have success in your country in doing sports there is a good chance you can study for free but I will leave a link to consultation below Julia is one of the students came to the United States on a sports scholarship and she already got the American passport so this is a pretty common program the pathway program in the University of South Florida costs $20,000 and lasts from August to May [Music] when my favorite places on Harvard’s campus is the Business School and this is one of the most famous buildings if you see any photos from Harvard they would probably feature that building behind me and I just want to continue talking about university of south florida here more than 76 percent of their students receive salaries that are more than $50,000 a year and up sorry student scratches and more than 32 percent received more than $100,000 a year by the way when I was applying for my oh and Lisa thank you for noses I asked my lawyer what is considered average salary in the United States and he said Marina about thirty five thousand is considered more than average we have to switch location because it’s too loud but yeah that was the University of South Florida if you have any questions for example what I love about universities in America is that you can come to any campus just like that meet students talk to students dine with them in cafeterias even sometimes participate in the lectures if these are big lectures but know like the small ones and this is something you can do if you’re not yet sure where you want to study you just come to the campus and you just walk around you think is it for me or is it none unless University L wanna talk about this videos Colorado State University this is a university that is located in a town where public transportation is free this is like a fun fact for you another cool thing is that Colorado is the second state in terms of employment satisfaction rates so for example California yes the salaries are really high but at the same time in order to rent a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco you have to pay four thousand dollars but in Colorado the rent is cheaper the salaries are a little lower but this you know this feeling that you can spend a lot of money on yourself no just rent insurance and like all of the utilities that you have to pay so Colorado is number two and it’s always like top ten places to live especially that place where the university is located I’ve recently seen this ranking about living California and it was like like no no no guys you’re wrong oh by the way very important it’s always up to you like people will have a lot of opinions that would be a lot of rankings but the University where you’re gonna study this is just your own choice nobody can make it for you and this is your own responsibility so when I was choosing the university I wasn’t really paying attention to the ringing singing war I was watching youtube videos I was trying to figure out where do people work I was trying to figure out whether that place is for me like Harvard is number one but it’s not for everyone not everybody wants to be in this competitive environment maybe you want to study and run a company so there are different kinds of university please take the decision seriously a cool fact about Colorado State University is that eighty four percent of its graduates actually work in a field that they’ve studied like this is so rare all of my friends work in different fields and this means that the education is really practical people know what they’re doing Colorado State University is ranked number 58 in the ranking of state universities and if you wanted to the pathway program there it’s gonna cost around $27,000 it starts in August and finishes in May again the price varies depending on your level of English that was it guys for today I hope you enjoyed walking around Harvard with me you know we have just one life and it’s important to take the best it’s important to research your options like the more you research the more options you know about and the better decisions you can make so if you agree with the statement please like this video if you’re not yet subscribed to this channel the red button below I’m waiting for your questions down in comments let me know what you think and let me know where you want to study like what university is the University of your dreams thank you guys so much for watching this vlog waiting for your feedback and if you need consultation the link will be below please call our managers they are so happy to help see you soon bye

Writing a Real College Essay: Part 1 – The Assignment

in the next few videos I’m going to walk you through the process of writing a real college essay and when I say Weill I mean that it’s an actual essay assignment from an actual college course that is not taught by me and is not one of my classes in fact the assignment was for a communications class at a Canadian Community College program for graphic arts students I have the actual text of the assignment as well as an email exchange between the instructor and a student regarding the assignment topic in this video I’m going to show you the assignment and this exchange because it highlights a lot of the essay writing principles that we’ve been talking about in subsequent videos I’ll take over and walk through the process of researching outlining and writing a complete draft of this essay we have our Scrivener document open with our essay writing template all set up if this is your first exposure to this template I recommend going back and watching the two previous videos in the series that introduced this template now let’s open up the preliminary folder I’ve got a text document called the assignment which has a number of sub documents I’m using this to organize all the information we have about the assignment and any communications we might have about the assignment here’s the opening paragraph under rationale in your academic and professional career sound research and analytical skills will be required regardless of your program of study or employment situation the effective use of the resources available to you will be critical as will the skills involved in expressing your ideas in a clear accurate and organized fashion so this is just trying to explain why essay writing skills might be relevant to students pursuing a career in the visual arts now let’s look at the assignment wording write a four to five page research essay exploring a topic related to the field of animation illustration or design studies focus on a topic on which differing opinions can be held refer to the list of suggested topics for some ideas you must have your topic approved before you begin your goal is to provide your reader with both a general overview and your own informed assessment of the topic or issue so first off we know how long our essays supposed to be four to five pages is anywhere between a thousand and thirteen hundred words if we use the standard convention that a single double-spaced page with one-inch margins and a 12-point font like Times Roman has 250 words on it so in terms of length this is similar to the dream essay that I walked you through in the previous video and second we know that we’re being asked to write an argumentative or persuasive essay even though the assignment doesn’t use this wording explicitly the key is in the instructions to focus on a topic on which differing opinions can be held and to provide your own informed assessment of the topic the essay has to be on an issue on which there is some disagreement and for which reasons can be offered for against a particular stance on the issue and what you’re required to do is present and defend a particular stance on the issue that’s going to be your thesis statement and third we know that we’re gonna need to do some research and cite some sources in the essay since it’s called a research essay and under basic requirements here we’re told that we need a minimum of four significant sources we’re going to have to include copies of these resources in the final draft this reference to the GA s style guide is the term this institution uses for general art style guide there’s a style document that we’ll take a look at later but it’s basically APA style guidelines the APA stands for American Psychological Association if you want to learn more about different citation styles I have a separate unit in this course on how to cite sources and avoid plagiarism where I talk about APA style guidelines so that’s the final product that we need to deliver but this assignment is for a communications class where part of the goal of the class is to help teach students how to approach assignments like this so this assignment includes a lot of what educators like to call scaffolding lots of guidance on intermediate steps that are required to complete the assignment so if you’re in this class you’d be spending a good deal of class time working on the essay this instructor has added some intermediate deadlines that break down the writing process part one involves researching identifying sources and writing a detailed outline and this needs to be submitted three weeks in advance of part two which is the final essay due date now let’s look at what the instructor has included under suggested topics the following suggestions may lead you to an interesting topic for your essay consider doing some preliminary investigation of one of the following ideas and a bunch of ideas are listed below but first notice this line once you have selected a broad subject of interest to you you should begin the process of narrowing the focus to determine your essay topic remember that your topic must be approved by your professor before you proceed with your research so what the student actually has to do first before getting to the outline phase is they need to do some preliminary browsing and select a broad topic area and then specify a narrower issue within that broader topic and submit that to the instructor for approval this is actually a good thing and we’ll see why in a minute now here’s a list of suggested topics and you can see they cover quite a range but they’re all in areas related to art and design in some way you can see how the broad topic narrow topic distinction is being drawn culture and lifestyle is the broad topic graffiti or body art would be the narrower topic influence of Canadian artists is a broad topic the influence of Emily Carr or Robert Bateman would be the narrow topic now let me show you an actual student proposal for their research topic submitted to the instructor for feedback students were asked to identify a broad topic and narrow topic and a working thesis statement the student chose job prospects for fine art students after graduation as the broad topic for the narrowed topic the student wrote how many fine art students actually get work in their field and here’s what they wrote as a working thesis statement find our students often struggle with finding employment in their field immediately after graduating and end up giving up and pursuing something else because they underestimate how much time it takes to become successful and productive in that field students need to realize that learning is a lifelong process and the skills they acquire can be applied to things not immediately evident in traditional University offerings now I said that submitting this kind of proposal for review it’s often a good thing and here’s why if there’s a structural problem with your vision of the essay at this beginning stage it’s much better to catch it now at the outset than to discover it farther down the line after you’ve invested a lot of time on an essay that is structurally unsound so student submits this to the instructor here’s the instructors feedback these statements fine arts students often struggle with finding employment in their field and students need to realize that learning is lifelong process our more factual than arguable in other words I don’t think there is a school of thought that fine art students do not struggle or that students do not need to realize that learning is a lifelong process if you don’t have a point of view to support you don’t have the basis for a persuasive essay now the instructor is using the terms factual and arguable in somewhat odd ways but from a clarification it’s clear what’s intended to call a claim factual is to say that there is general agreement that the claim is true that it’s an agreed fact and by arguable the instructor means that there’s room for disagreement about the claim so the feedback that the instructor is giving this student is that in this proposal they haven’t identified an issue that anyone would disagree with and that this is a problem because an essential feature of a persuasive essay is that you need to identify an issue about which reasonable people might disagree so that there’s a reason for offering arguments in favor of one side or the other the instructor gears one more piece of feedback it’s not clear what you mean by skills they acquire it can be applied to things not immediately evident in traditional university offerings are you saying that the skills learned in the university program are transferable well this would be factual as well so here the instructor is asking the student to clarify this statement and that if all it means is that the skills learned in university programs can be transferred to other kinds of work this is obviously true as well I actually don’t think that this is what the students getting add but the point is that it’s unclear now as a student I might be discouraged to get this kind of feedback but I should also be thankful because it really is helpful and why is it helpful because it’s feedback about a fundamental structural issue not an issue of style not wording or spelling or formatting its feedback about what’s required for any good argumentative or persuasive essay that minimally you need to have something to argue about something to take sides on I know it’s obvious when you put it this way but this example just illustrates that for many students it’s not obvious not unless they’ve done some argumentative writing in the past and are familiar with the conventions of this form of essay writing in the next video I’m going to show you how the essay topic was revised and the results of some preliminary research

How to Format an Essay, APA Style

this video is intended to show you the basics of what we call APA style and and teach you how to apply those basics to an academic paper so we’re gonna walk through what these basics of APA might be and then we’re actually going to apply them to a paper I’ll take a paper and I’ll actually format it according to APA style so what is APA style to begin with well first of all APA means the American Psychological Association and APA style establishes standards of written communication within an essay why the American Psychological Association developed this style while they developed it because they wanted standards of written communication but I’ll explain that in just a second but why do you use the style determined by the American Psychological Association I don’t know just happened that way but anyway it it established the standards concerning in-text citation right which is source introductions and parenthetical citations and it also establishes standards concerning listing your references right how you do that what style it’s in how you format it and punctuate it and it also concerns how do you format the paper as a whole and that’s actually what we’re gonna focus on if you want to learn more about in-text citation and listing references you can check out a video that I created called how to avoid plagiarism okay so again these standards concerning written communication right well there’s a lot of different approaches although the three main styles at most US universities use one of them is called APA style one of them is called MLA and one of them is called the Chicago style and these three different styles again they’re just different ways of establishing standards to written communication why standardized written communication well it makes it easier for your instructors to grade your work across courses within a discipline and disciplines within a university so everybody is giving more fair and objective grades based on how things are presented it also makes it easier know how your instructors want you to present your work because there’s some sort of standard across disciplines what this allows your instructors to do is focus more on the content of their ideas the strength of your ideas and less on how all of this looks in the form of a paper so who uses APA well obviously it was established by the American Psychological Association so it was established to standardize psychology research papers right but then it’s grown far beyond it obviously because you’re using so it APA style describes rules for writing in this and the social sciences or what we might call the soft science it’s not the hard sciences like physics and and chemistry and mathematics but psychology linguistics sociology etc it’s also expanded beyond that into fields such as business and nursing and other disciplines to the point where it’s actually standard practice and many undergraduate programs in the United States it’s not the only style used by undergraduate programs these all three of these are used pretty broadly but it’s definitely used quite widely which is also why you’re using it today so now we’re gonna turn our attention to an actual paper and how if I was using APA style how I would format that paper so let’s take a look first of all so this is this is a completely written paper it’s got all of its citations in it it’s got all of its analysis it’s got a strong thesis statement it’s got paraphrases from from outside sources it’s got quotations it’s got all of the things that the paper needs from a Content perspective all it needs now to be in accordance with APA is to be formatted properly so let’s go ahead and walk through that step by step so let’s go ahead and start with your heading this is what’s at the top of the page that identifies the paper yours there are clearly other things that you can do that are even in accordance with APA style that I’m not gonna ask you to do today but as far as I’m concerned you’re heading needs to be right justified it needs to be formal it needs to have the following contents of the name the course label there’s name in the dates of them so let’s go ahead and do that okay first of all right justified and for them it okay so I’m gonna zoom in obviously so we can we can focus a little bit more on what you see here okay let’s hit enter and I’m gonna right justify this by clicking on that right justified that second thing is it has to be formal so I’m gonna go ahead and add a formal version of my name so Michael and the next thing that it asks for is the course labeled in the instructors name and the date that it was submitted so the course label was F D 101 you could all you’ll even say section o then the instructors name in this case mr. Shawn yeah and then the date that it was submitted in a formal capacitor so December 14 2007 let’s say okay so that’s the first section of this is to add your your heading and that would be the full heading right don’t list it as a twelve fourteen twenty seventeen or twelve fourteen twelve seventeen or anything like that it should look a lot like this in a formal way okay the next thing we want to want to do is add a title right and this is what we want to look for in a title you always use title case right so most of the words at this title case are capitalized the only things that aren’t or prepositions like on or through articles like a and the and conjunctions like but and or also if a preposition an article or a conjunction starts your title then you should capitalize it as what kind of like D is capitalized here because it’s the first word in the title of this slide you also do not want to bold do not want to underline or write sighs any parts of your title it should be centered right and it should be right underneath the heading but above your paper right then it should be specific but it should also be a little bit prosaic it shouldn’t just be as specific as as possible but it also shouldn’t be very general like synthesis essay or compare and contrast essay so let’s take a look at this one so we want to put it in between your essay and your heading you wanted to be Center justified specific includes aook and using title case okay so this this is an essay about animal therapy and its benefits okay specific a little bit prosaic it’s not just animal therapy if you’ll notice there’s no extra spaces between the bottom of your heading and the top of your title there’s no extra spaces between the bottom of your title and the top your essay just that okay mmm okay so now we have a title on there and a heading okay now the font and font size is actually correct as we look at it right now it’s Times New Roman twelve point five if you want to take a look at that Times New Roman twelve point five that’s how it should look okay one of the things you have to do is add your list of references then I’ve actually used if you watch my video on how to avoid plagiarism I’ve used Microsoft Word software in order to develop that list of references don’t find out how to do that in that other video but your list of references should come after the end of your essay it should be on its own page so you should actually use page break formatting there it should be titled references it should be and that title of references should be Center justified on its own line the sources should be listed in alphabetical order and it should be reverse indent so let’s let’s look at all of those types of things in kind of in orbit the first thing we need to do is come down here to the bottom of our essay you can like I said put it on its own page by clicking a page set up and going to break and choosing a page break and that’ll add it to a new page so you’ll be at the top of a new page this is good because even if you’re creating the text on your right on your essay here it actually doesn’t affect the the space in here it doesn’t push it up or push your pelvis this page will always be its own page and to start your references on a new page really helps to clarify that it’s different from your essay and it helps to make sure that it’s really clear where it’s stuck let’s go ahead and add in that list of references that I created within this one software like bonus here click the bibliography button here we’ll actually edit it ok so now we’ve added both of our sources are the two sources in this paper about here okay now one of the things that I noted before now that we’ve got it here is hey we want this to all be even times we want we want it all to be 12.5 you want it all to be black all cannot be bolded you do not bold the top of this in fact we want to retitle this as references okay we also want to center justify just this top part that’s starting to look right but it’s actually not right just yet because we want to actually reverse indent this as well so the way to do that is to hit enter and then hit the tab light all right that’ll do the first line you actually want to do the second line of an entry as well this time you don’t have to enter you can just hit tab another pocket over so I do the same thing so here’s the second line of that second reference that enter tab a second line of this hit okay so the reason that we do this remember is indented is because that makes it really clear and easy to see the difference between our different references and read those it’s also really helpful because first part of any references in fact the first part of its parenthetical citation so you can you can really easily identify other stuff but in that’s right or in your sourcing I’ve actually I guess it could be resourcing about you where your parenthetical citation right dr. stone Spencer which one is that oh it’s dr. East are these things your back yeah so it makes that really easy right okay so let’s go back here is it after the NS a yes is it on its own page using page break yeah since the titled references it’s that Center justified on its own mind yep are the sources listed in alphabetical order yep Daughtry amendment Yousef and then is it reverse into it yes okay so my references look for that again if you’ll notice there’s no space extra space between the bottom of the title of references and the first reference and also there’s no extra space between events okay so okay now we’re gonna look at that when we have a look at margin in space so it should be one inch on all sides of your paper the entire essay should be double-spaced there should be no spacing between paragraphs and all paragraphs should be indented so let’s go ahead and apply that okay first of all I think it’s already one inch on all sides you can look at the left one one oh my goodness now the left and right margins are them 25 inches so we’ve gotta fix that mmm I would select all of it okay that’s one inch once one inch if you’re using centimeters look up the conversion to give you okay so the next thing is so we’ve got a one inch on our sides we need it to be double spaced actually there’s a really easy way to double space everything that I say and I mean everything from the in the heading to the references you just take time control and – there are different commands if you using a Mac again look it up if it doesn’t work for you but double spacing is actually really easy so everything is highlighted here and we want to say control – and it bounces out – double spacing this makes up a lot easier to read in a lot of cases and also makes it easier that can print it out for your instructors – to write notes in between the lines okay so we need to do is make sure that there’s no extra spacing between the paragraphs and then we need to indentify any spaces in between these pets no there’s no extra spaces between these paragraphs great so now we need to indent each pair and you can do that again with the tab the tab key tab ones you can actually also if you want to change a pack click obviously control Z but you can put shift tab to move it back the other way let’s go back up to the top one tab that over that this one’s tagged over to show the paragraph and again you show the difference between your paragraphs really clearly right now it’s not so clear but once we apply indenting it’ll make it clearer where each paragraph starts this is another place to tell it’s not so clear but right one thing that you’ll know is it if you have chosen a tenant’s not the place to do it and I’ll actually bump everything over if you’re doing this right [Music] [Music] now we’re down in our efforts is together if you want it’s because you did the page rate we did double spacing it didn’t it didn’t change your references list from being still at the very top of this very last page which is really bad for okay so now as far as margins of spacing this is one inch on all sides it’s double spaced there’s no spacing between the paragraphs and paragraphs are each indented so let’s let the zoom out because actually that’s all that you’re being asked to do as far as clean feel so let’s say that that’s a 50% okay if we’re looking this is our paper from the widest angle possible this actually looks perfectly formatted as far as I am concerned that’s good yeah so anyway I know that what I’ve told you today it’s pretty readily accepted across different courses as being in concordance for thank you style but you always need to check with your instructor to instructor might have a little bit different way of interpreting a few in style but if you start doing this and you start doing it often and you started really really focusing on it um you’re gonna learn to attend to the details of both what APA asks for in general and what your specific an instructor wants which will make it a lot easier to do this

ROOM TOUR 2019 (finally lol)

I have been putting this video off since September in September I moved from the basement in my house back upstairs I completely redid my bedroom and that video happened to go viral is at the end of that video I said my room’s not finished now put up a room tour as soon as that’s finished it’s been nine months since I posted that video and I honestly don’t think that my room is ever going to be finished I put out filming it for so long though because I felt like I had to reach some standard that honestly is unattainable because I spent months trying to make stuff or I think of stuff to put my room finally feel like I’m at a place where I can share my bedroom with you and that’s what I’m doing today [Music] so this is the first corner of my room and I worked so hard to find stuff that would fit here so immediately behind me I have a hook on my door which I used to store my backpacks and all my jackets which I live in Michigan so at any given time there’s usually about five jackets on the hook I did clean for you so right now there’s only one on this side I kind of have a lot of different things I have a mirror that I honestly love and I really really wanted a full-length mirror in here it’s it’s there’s not really any better place in my room for it trust me I’ve looked I also have my hamper which not much to say about that it is cuter than any other hamper I’ve ever had but like it’s still not that cute you know hanging on my wall I have a chalkboard calendar which honestly never gets used I thought it would be a good investment and I haven’t really touched it yeah I just looked at it and the month written on it is August so I haven’t updated my calendar since August and then on the other side of that wall I do have a little chalkboard thing that I write you know handy stuff on I use that one more than I use my calendar and then I have a little hanging basket I think it’s a planter honestly I don’t know but I put scrunchies and hair ties on it and then on the floor this is part of the cat area there’s her scratching post and usually some toys because she drags them over there and then she has another little scratching post on the floor that I’ll show you when we move away from my door area we have my TV dresser area I have not hung it on the wall even though most of you guys told me to hang it on the wall I just feel like I don’t need to put that many holes in my wall or buy a TV mount I have my furniture finally situated where I feel like I have enough space without taking the TV off the dresser and then we have my dresser under it my dresser and bed frame is from art van a lot of you have asked about that but it’s from art van and it was in the clearance center both of which probably aren’t good because I’m pretty sure art van is regional and the clearance center everything goes away once it’s gone not much to be set there I do have a Gamecube right here I was playing a spongebob battle for bikini bottom for a long time and that’s why my Gamecube is still there [Music] [Music] and then I have really cool posters which I’m super excited about this one is a Tom Petty one I read the petty biography and honestly it was fantastic I have an Eagles poster over here but that’s more in my gallery wall type thing I’ve put up over there so I’ll talk about that more in a second I don’t think you’d be interested in what’s my drawers I could be totally wrong it’s just close this area of my room is probably the cutest or most personal it kind of houses all of my stuff [Music] [Music] I have a gallery wall going on I got it from the thrift store it says tender Valley seed company and then this painting I actually painted I painted it in my following a Bob Ross tutorial video my Eagles at my Tom Petty poster because they’re super vintage II feeling they’re just reprints they’re not actually vintage but it’d be cool if they were to always take the scenic route it’s from the target dollar spot it’s actually from a puzzle and that is like the guide to what the finish puzzle shouldn’t look like and then I still have my letter board that I’ve had forever it still has the same Mountain Goats lyric on it I also have this movements poster movements as a band that I really like I have a lots of Polaroids on a cable that I recently bought I’m not sure how I feel about the cable I’m happy the Polaroids are up there but I feel like it’s not the spot but they never stay on my wall so I don’t know Polaroids are iffy an art cart I finally finally realized what to do with that stupid gray cart and now it sits in this corner we have art supplies which honestly I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before I’ve had this gray cart that I bought from Target for it has to have been at least a year now and in every room video I have done I literally have said in every single one I don’t know what to do with this cart art cart I can’t believe I was so blind basically it has canvasses many many many canvases it houses paint brushes acrylic paints oil paints paint Center rulers Sharpie markers for outlining it also has a linocut kit that I recently got basically anything that has to do with art is in here this is the newest of the bunch we had this one but I haven’t finished yet but and then I have this cubby system which honestly it’s not the best but you know [Music] so in my coffee I have multiple different drawers the top left drawer is mostly technology stuff and hats I don’t know how those categories go together but that’s what I put in them my top right drawer it’s snacks because those are very important to keep in your bedroom this one right here that I showed you is mostly health and beauty stuff and then this one that I also showed you houses makeup palettes and then right now scrunchie stock for my Etsy store into the bottom ones that kind of are out of sight so I don’t take as good care of them we have a basket we have a basket of cat toys which is actually accessible to my cat she will pull things out of this basket on the bottom shelf my trip funds put all cash and spare change in a jar and hopefully I’m able to take a trip at some point this whole pile of clothes right here is my altar pile which is stuff that I bought from the thrift store that I need to alter in some way that lives there because it’s not ready to get upgraded to the closet yet and then this cubby is full of stuff that I can’t really use this is an essential oil diffuser that I got before I’d learned that essential oils are really bad for cats this is a candle and then I also have a Yankee candle back there and then we have my bed area which honestly takes up a majority of the room and that is why I had so much trouble rearranging the furniture in here for so long because I chose to purchase a queen-size bedroom set not the best decision on my part but this is what it looks like so I have a cat bed on my bed even though my cat doesn’t sleep in it she sleeps in my bed with me I still have the bed there just in case everything on my bed is from pretty much a different place or Target actually most of us from Target throw blankets throw pillows pillowcases sheets and then I have a big down comforter I don’t know where it’s from because it was a gift but that is there and this is my window this is my cat’s favorite place and honestly probably one of mine commute a prettiest girl and now we’ve come to the area that took me the longest time to realize that I need it and that is my desk area I don’t know what part of me thought that I didn’t need a desk or workspace in my bedroom but I realized I needed it and now I have it we have a desk and honestly that’s pretty much it I have the same thing that I had in the corner over there just another one of these chalkboard things currently has a lyric on it I try and change it up with videos but it’s been that for a while and that’s honest to god it I have a desk in a chair and that sign this is my pile of cords that I feel like everybody has and doesn’t show I don’t there’s nowhere to put it so what am I supposed to do this is also under my bed where I conveniently threw everything that I did not want to show you these are my instruments if you didn’t know I actually know how to fling music [Music] I feel like I overhyped what my room was going to be I thought I was gonna be like an interior designer and they get some crazy thing but no it did not turn out that way yes I’m still happy with it it’s not perfect but it is home thank you for watching I hope this was satisfying I hope this is what you’ve been waiting for and I’ll see you in the next video bye oh yeah subscribe if you want to

APA Format for a Website Reference

this is Colin Eason with Pima Medical Institute and today we’re going to take a look at how to create an APA reference for a website on screen we have some basic information about the website we need to create a reference form and as often is the case with websites we don’t have the name of an author and in fact we don’t even have a publication date but we do have a copyright date we have the name of the section of the website that we were looking at we have the name of the website itself or the name of the organization’s website and we also have the full web address or URL so let’s put all that together in APA reference format it’s pretty straightforward because we don’t have an author we can’t start the reference with an author’s name right so in this case we start the reference with the section title that we were looking at so in this example it’s how to create an APA paper the easy way please note that we use sentence case in other words we only capitalize words that are proper nouns we do not capitalize the first letter of every single word in that title next in parentheses as with all other APA references we put the publication date or in this case we put the copyright date if we had a full publication date of year month and day we could certainly include that but in this case we’re just going to put the copyright date next in italics this is very important here in italics we put the name of the website that we’re referencing so in this case it’s Pima Medical Institute as with journal and magazine titles we use title case that means that we use a capital letter for the beginning of every significant word of four letters or more so Pima Medical Institute it’s also proper now so therefore we include capital letters whenever referencing web addresses we also have to put retrieved from followed by the web address itself now if that web address runs on to multiple lines three four five lines sometimes we need to include the full thing please do not truncate or cut it short in any way shape or form you do need to include the full web address sometimes your wood processor will automatically change the color of that text into blue and will underline it that’s absolutely fine you can leave it like that or if that bothers you you could highlight the text change the color back to black and remove the underlining if necessary that’s how to create the reference but what about those parentheses all citations that go in the middle of your research paper in the text in this case since there’s no author we can’t put an author and the publication year so we have to put the title of the article please note that we actually put that within quote marks those double quotes and then we put the year of publication after that you cannot provide a page number for a web resource since there are no published page numbers you should never ever include a page number of anything that you’re referencing from a website last but not least occasionally there is no date visible on a website in that case APA has a solution for us wherever there is no date we are allowed to put an D in lower case lower case n period D period literally stands for no date we put that into the reference and as far as the parenthetical citation same thing the title of the website goes into quotes and we put nd at the end for no date as with other APA references if the website section that we’re looking at actually has an author we would of course begin the reference with the author’s name and this section right here the section title would move to here just like with the journal reference it would go right in front of the name of the website itself don’t worry that little bit complicated watch the screencast again look at the magic formula on screen and hopefully that will all make sense for you you

How to Format an APA Paper: Title page, Pages, and References

welcome to education universe today’s lesson is on how to set up a paper and APA format it’s pretty simple the first thing that we’re going to do is have a look at the very top part so one of the things in APA is it has a running head and the cover page has actually the words running head on it and the subsequent pages only have the title and I’ll show you what that means in just a second but the very first thing that we’re going to do is double click inside this header you’re going to see a box pop up under design and click different first page that will allow us to change the text inside the cover page and the subsequent pages will be different so now that you’ve got that done we’re going to go ahead and insert a page number we’re going to do top of page plain number three and then we’re going to type running head colon space your cap has to be in all titles so I mean in yeah in all caps so early childhood lessons so this is your title now one thing that you’re going to notice is that this is not in the correct font in APA all the font needs to be in Times New Roman so go ahead and select all of this before we move it over to the left margin go up to your font area font Times New Roman you can actually type it in there if you need to see how it pops up and choose that and then change it to 12 and then once you come back over here put your cursor right in between the s and the one and hit your tab key which is on the left corner of your keyboard and what that does is give you your first page header and perfect format and perfect font first go down to the page here and do our cover page on on APA papers everything is double-spaced now you’ll notice when we got down here reset to let’s go ahead and reset it to Times New Roman and 12 font and then we are going to change your spacing this up and down arrow right here changes your spacing to 2.0 one thing you will want to pay attention to down here is that if it says add space that’s great if it says remove space when you look at this you need to click it to remove any extra spaces on your paper in case your instructor is picky so you’re going to enter three times one two three you can actually put this down a little further most instructors aren’t very picky about this but somewhere around a third down the page so you can go down a little further and the first thing that you will type here is your title that you typed above and it’s going to be centered so let’s go up and find the center key this means it’s on the left margin this is centered and this is the right margin we want to choose center go ahead and type your title so here we have early childhood lessons of means to independence as the title now notice that this and this the header title does not match and I wanted to show you this because you could have opted to put this entire title in but if your title ends up being extremely long it’s a good idea to go ahead and use the first several words an abbreviated version in your header so that it doesn’t run over your page number so the next thing that you’ll put on here depending on what your instructors asking you to do is your name so you’ll put your name and then the next thing would be to school so in this case you could do any school it could be Murray State or Western Kentucky University or Portland State University whatever university you’re in so hit enter after that the next thing we’re going to do is insert a page break because you’re done with page one so go to the insert tab hit page break what that’s going to do is bring you down to the second page on this page we’re going to go ahead and put in the header it’s going to look a little bit different go ahead and double click just like you did we won’t change any of this this time and we’re going to go ahead and go through the same process so insert page number top of page plain number three and on this one all you’ll have is your title in all caps so where you see early childhood lessons we’re going to go back down here and right next to your number and all caps you’ll put early childhood lessons leave that there while you fix the font go ahead and go back to home you’re going to select the entire thing with your mouse and go up to Times New Roman you’re going to change this to twelve font again put your cursor between early childhood lessons into and hit tab until it’s over on your left margin I had to hit it two times in this case okay so the next page a lot of students leave this step off it depends on your instructor you may have a nap direct and abstract is a is a summary a very short summary or forecasting of your paper I’m I will show you that and then I’ll erase it and show you how you start without an abstract so if it were an abstract page here where you wrote your summary you would simply have abstract written right in the center of the page and then you would enter and you would make sure that you start your abstract on the left margin and it is not indented so if you were to start your abstract you would just start typing a you know what your article or what your paper is going to be about and you would not end in it in this case I’m not going to do that we’re going to go ahead and start with the paper because most instructors at least in college do not require an abstract and if they do it’s a very simple process to put up and there will be another video on that so here if you notice early childhood lessons it means the independence is the actual title and this title should be identical to the one on your first line at the second page so these have to match in the header as far as in the header but when you’re looking at what goes on page two it’s identical to the page one the long form of your title so we’re going to go ahead and paste that here if you need to you can type it in and then go to your next line to start your text and so when you start typing your essay you’re going to simply hit the tab button to send it over to the side and you’re going to start typing the first paragraph of your essay now here’s a something to note some instructors require level one headings for example they might say well we want to introduction heading if that were the case you would click the center button go ahead and hit the bold because level one headings are in bold so this would be a level one heading you would make sure it’s not builded when it’s over on your left margin again and you would indent with the tab key start your text now typically an introduction heading is not something that you’ll see on a paper you would leave this header out and then all subsequent headers would be centered and bold face so this would be your first page and then the next thing that I’d like to show you is how to do the beginning of the reference page and give you an example of what one entry might look like so that you have a frame of reference when you do this so let’s pretend for a second that you’ve written this page and and that you’re finished so at that all of the references page so this were full of text all the way down your reference page would actually start on the next page it is a it is on the page by itself so once you’ve done with all of your texture going to insert and remember how we did a page break so we’re going to do a page break and send it to the next page that has no text on it even if you had if this had text on it and it only had one line of your essay on it you would still have to go to page four to start your references so if you go back to your homepage you’re going to be able to Center this references is just centered it is not bolded and so you’ll type the word references once you type the word references simply hit enter now you’re going to have to set it to the left margin you can either do that by hitting the left margin or just hitting backspace and that’s going to put it over here on the left so I’m going to show you an entry remember that all references are an alphabetical order so if you have several authors make sure that you’re paying attention to that so today the author’s name is Jones the first thing is Amanda the year of the publication is 2017 there’s a period after that this is early childhood development a guide to helping in the classroom something you’ll immediately notice about this is that the letters on like childhood and development guide helping these are not capitalized in this case and that’s an APA formatting issue so any letter at the beginning is any proper noun is so if you had like a country or a state that would be hapless but otherwise these are not capitalized in the references if you’ve written this title inside the text it would have been so you’ve got the early childhood development colon space a guide to helping in the classroom that is your title and then is your journal name so if this were a journal article from a peer-reviewed journal you would be looking at the journal name next now that one is italicized and to do that you’ll simply go up and hit the italics button in its journal of childhood development and then if you notice on this one the title of the journal is capitalized so there’s a few small things that you can accidentally do incorrectly like reversing those or capitalizing them all so just pay attention to that the you know the title is not entitled casing for the article that it is for the journal name and then the next thing that you could do is the page numbers and your volume so we’ve got two and twenty and that is in regular case you’re going to put a comma and then say it’s on page 120 through 99 sorry 199 so it looks like a pretty long article you’re going to put a period after that that and then the very last thing that you’ll talk about is where it was retrieved from so you’ve got retrieved from HTTP and you can actually copy this and paste it from your browser child development research org see you’ve got retrieved from and you’ve got your your website and most of the time it’ll have something after it and then like the date so you can sometimes see the data in there most of these come from the databases at your respective college now one thing that you’re missing here before we in the video is a hanging indent all of these are formatted where the second and third line here would be over here where you would normally tab to but if you tab it does something funny to the text so go ahead and select all of it you’re going to right-click your mouse you’re going to see this you’re going to hit paragraph then you’re going to go to special and it actually has a hanging setting and you’re going to say okay that actually brings you to the perfect hanging indent so there’s no reason to enter to try to adjust any lines here which is what some students do and if you had like a whole lot of entries here you could choose them all you could go down to the bottom of the page and you could do the very same thing and it would work so on all of those so I hope that you found this video helpful please see our other videos that will be coming out on the other formats and different aspects of research and writing thank you for listening

How To Write A Scholarship Essay

so each year billions and millions of dollars in scholarships are offered yet some Awards still go unclaimed that’s almost like seeing no to free money so this got me to wondering why are there more people applying for scholarships as I asked her out I heard everything from its inception such as only honor students are athletes win scholarships or I’ll never win what’s the point sure good grades help but it had everything when it comes to scoring free money some scholarships be based a Gervaise talent base location based and the list goes on and on and then most scholarships require you to write a scholarship essay making some of you say oh it’s too much work or I don’t have time well here’s the thing about scholarships the less work more people apply so to increase your chances of winning we can just college if they require a little more effort more after less competition okay we muster the courage to look into a couple scholarships but your bit nervous about riding up winning scholarship essay how do you write a scholarship essay no worries I’ll give you a few pointers on how to raise scholarship essay that will get you going in no time number one read the instructions carefully before you get started check to see if you follow the correct criteria what paperwork you need a file with your application and don’t forget to check the deadlines if you find a scholarship you’re really interested in that’s already past the deadline don’t be bummed out chances are that same scholarship will reoccur for the next school year is booked lift a scholarship and check back in a few short months number two create an outline in which you cover all the points in a logical order start with an introduction that will the reader’s attention like an interesting back or offer anything that connects to the story or the scholarship continue in the body of your essay details evidence and don’t forget to close your effort by summing up what you hope to gain from your education on to number three tell your story and state your accomplishments focus not just on the accomplishments themselves but oh you and your family or community benefit make it personal make it be national did you help who drive over the holidays how many cans equip are collected only families did you help is dress number four state your needs by focusing on how you your family and community will benefit from earning this scholarship what will the scholarship helped you to become an inspiring teacher for the next generation a dr. nassif lives every day the next political leader how will the community benefit and lastly number five proofread run a spellcheck reread your essay day leader for errors show the revised essay to someone else in contention for six experience when it comes to scholarships there are billions of dollars available don’t let insecurity time or lack of writing skills stop you from earning a scholarship believe in yourself if you don’t submit an application you don’t even have a chance so let’s get going looking for more scholarships to apply for log onto

How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation (Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video).

around the world every day thousands if not millions of people give presentations some are great and have a powerful impact on their audiences others well let’s just say their works in progress this is powerful presentations simply stated meet Jim an aspiring professional trying to make it in the world Jim used to give presentations like just about everyone else he knew PowerPoint was his tool of choice he’d use it like an outline with a header followed by bullet after bullet and sometimes even sub bullets when he wanted to be fancy he’d add what usually turned out to be an ineffective chart or sometimes a table and when Jim wanted to really spice things up he’d add yep clipart unfortunately Jim’s approach would often confuse and bore people this was a problem because he had important things to say and because it was dimming his prospects for success fortunately Jim learned a better way and didn’t stay in the dark for long perhaps most importantly he now focuses on the story he wants to tell in doing so he tries to follow a simple structure with a clear beginning middle and end that links together as various points and Bill’s to his conclusion when formulating his story Jim uses a simple pad of paper or sticky notes staying low-tech at this stage huh some think more creatively and stay outside the box he then considers what will best help him tell his story Jim sometimes ops 2 – whiteboard flip charts handouts or even no props at all when it makes sense for him to use PowerPoint he tries to remember the adage that sometimes less is more he doesn’t dumb down his presentations but he does try to limit each slide to one key idea or depending on the content he sometimes builds an idea incrementally so it’s easy to follow he always looks for visual ways to tell his story is supporting images minimal text and clear charts and graphs sometimes he uses quotes but he tries to remember that people can’t read his slides and truly listen at the same time Jim still uses plenty of text to help him remember what he wants to say but he hides it in his notes that only he sees Jim’s new approach takes more time energy and rehearsal it’s been well worth the effort those audiences are now much more engaged and better understand to remember his presentations and as if that weren’t enough his pocketbook doesn’t mind either this has been powerful presentation simply stated [Music]

Have You Read Black Beauty? Here’s My Black Beauty Book Report | LEMONERDY VLOG EP7 S1

everybody today I’m going to be doing my oak apart as promised for black beauty a few quick notes about this book is that it is way shorter than Christie which is the last book that I did my book report on which is this thick and this long it took a while but black beauty it was short and I loved it black beauty was very interesting it was engaging and it kept me wanting to go back and read it every single day they didn’t take me long to read it because basically black beauty was also really really funny because he was throwing shade at all of his men owners so let’s get into what this book is about black beauty was basically an autobiography of a horse’s journey promoted to owner black beauty was a good horse because his mother was famous and well-known and he had good breeding she always told him to do his best and be calm and the main character in the book was black beauty black beauty was black with one white star in his forehead everything was black except for one white but he never reared up or bit his handlers even the coolest ones Black Beauty had a bunch of other names when he went from handler to handler black beauty Jack and other names I forgot black beauty was a handsome stallion and his mother and father were famous horse over time he was worn down by his owners and every time they went to the auction he went in a lower class from the high-class and well-bred horses to the medium ones to the old and used horses broken legs each owner he had Black Beauty had to face a challenge it could be running to get medicine to save his mistress or it could be pushing through when he was being jarred iets drunk man or chasing a runaway horse with a rider holding on for dear life there were lots of exciting adventures in the book the moral of that view was to always be kind and do your best no matter how mean people are to you so my favorite quote in Black Beauty was by black babies now I hope you will grow up gentle and good and never learn bad ways do your work with a good will lift up your feet when you trot and never bite or kick even in play I had never forgotten my mother’s advice I knew she was a wild horse and our master I thought a great deal of her I like that quote because it applies to people as well you don’t bite people kick people scratch people even if you’re just playing and it is good to be gentle and kind there really was no specific climax but every time but we faced the challenge he had to save his owners that was when it got really exciting I would definitely recommend this book to all kids whether you like horses or not it’s a really good book I think anyone eaten up can read it next I will be reading tangerine by Edwin rule please like subscribe comment if you want because I’ll be back with more videos bye [Music] [Music]