Ranking junk food’s fried seafood sandwiches from worst to first

Ranking junk food’s fried seafood sandwiches from worst to first

The birth of the drive-thru fish sandwich almost never happened in what has now become a well-worn piece of fast food legend. And simply just like the pop-top can, the hot dog, and also the plastic boot, we now have a tiny city in Ohio to thank because of this instead fishy innovation.

The season ended up being 1959, and Cincinnati-area McDonald’s franchisee Lou Groen possessed a problem that is major their home based business just was not driving the revenue he expected. Groen suspected that the location’s 87 % Catholic population ended up being one factor — these weren’t visiting their modest hamburger get up on Fridays and during Lent, when Catholics traditionally forgo meat.

Groen had a thought for producing an alternative solution fish-based sandwich that could attract locals, as well as in early times of the McDonald’s firm, franchisees could just select within the phone and talk with Ray Kroc straight.

In line with the Smithsonian, Kroc at first hated the notion of “stinking up their stores with the odor of seafood.” In 1962, Kroc’s countertop offer had been the ill-fated “Hula Burger,” which showcased a slice that is wildly undesirable of pineapple with cheese on a bun. The newly-minted “Filet-O-Fish” was the clear winner, and the product became a bonafide hit for McDonald’s, eventually selling 300 million of the sandwiches each year after testing both concepts.

Within the almost 60 years because the innovation regarding the Filet-O-Fish, take out fried fish sandwiches are becoming big business. Continue reading “Ranking junk food’s fried seafood sandwiches from worst to first”